Quarter 32 - Summer 1998

The affairs of state of California were taken over by the regent Blue Wizard in Summer 1990. Observers classify the huge state as progressive social liberal party-democracy, known for its high net income and the high bureaucracy.

Most of the educated and reasonable citizens are very happy with the circumstances. They have a reputation to be hedonistic and freedom-loving. Further they enjoy an outstanding infrastructure. Compared with other countries, the most distinctive difference is the Capital.

California is part of World Belfast and is located in North America. The state classified as Superpower is considered as peace-loving and engaged in some trade.

The regent managed to improve his influence in comparison to previous year.

California is a leading and invaluable member of Belfast Bank, an ambitious alliance.



California is a country in western North America. California borders wasteland to the north, Nevada and Arizona to the east, Mexico to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. San Francisco is the country's capital, while Los Angeles is the most populous city in the country. Notably contributions to popular culture, for example in entertainment and sports, have their origins in California. The country has also made noteworthy contributions in the fields of communications, information, innovation, environmentalism, economics, and politics. It the home of Hollywood, the oldest and largest film industry in the world, which has had a profound effect on global entertainment. It is considered the origin of the hippie counterculture, beach and car culture, and the personal computer, among other innovations. The state's extremely diverse geography ranges from the Pacific Coast and metropolitan areas in the west to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the east, and from the redwood and Douglas Fir forests in the northwest to the Mojave Desert in the southeast. The Central Valley, a major agricultural area, dominates the country's center.


Economy 17% Military 14% Safety 5% Reputation 3%
Health 8% Progress 2% Environment 1% Civil rights 1%
Happy Content


Currency: Dollar
Heraldic animal / symbol Brown Bear
Capital city San Francisco
Religion Christianity
Flag (not selectable for world states) Flag
Anthem "I Love You, California"
Foundation 22.11.2021
Highest Happiness 90.1
Visitors 444
Link https://www.ars-regendi.com/state/221231-republic-california

Key data

Indicators California Average state (25238)
Gross domestic product per capita 50,528 € 32,360 €
Annual average of inflation 3.96 % 2.03 %
Annual average of population growth 1.02 % 0.75 %
Annual average of economy growth 7.05 % 2.33 %
Social benefits ratio 5.86 % 10.68 %
Public spending ratio 22.52 % 32.73 %
Tax rate 28.12 % 30.99 %
Debt rate 39.03 % 528.71 %


Happiness 9.
Duration of regency 129.


California Average state
Currencies 1.24 $ / € 1.06 $ / € Sold currencies: 0 Buy
Ground 16.73 €/m² 12.20 €/m² Sold ground: 0 Buy
Shares 1,803 1,157 Sold shares: 0 Buy


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