Quarter 91 - Winter 2012

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Cash for clunkers normal Economy, Budget 03.12.2021 10:51
Airfare normal Environment, Infrastructure 07.12.2021 08:55
Public Broadcasters normal Rights, Media 03.12.2021 10:49
Competitive Sports normal Health, Abroad 21.11.2021 14:30
Minimum Wage normal Economy, Rights 06.12.2021 09:33
Direct Marketing normal Economy, Rights 07.12.2021 08:57
Trash low Administration, Environment 06.12.2021 09:32

Former decisions had the following consequences:

the Personal Rapid Transit significantly improves infrastructure
By law, billionaires regularly have to give donations to charitable organizations.
Working parents regularly pacify their children with video games in order to have more time to themselves and to pursue their career.
Patients complain because they don't get their usual medicines but cheaper compounds.
The state censors "fetish" pornography.
animal right organizations and military forces fight together for animal rights
Random event: The collision of two oil tankers beneath the coast causes a devastating oil spill.
Proof of language and cultural proficiency is required in order to obtain citizenship status.
Foreign terrorists beware of hijacking citizens from Neudeutschland.
Citizens of disaster areas take extensive preventative measures independently.