Quarter 99 - Winter 2014

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Hospitals normal Economy, Health 16.01.2022 00:32
Psychotherapy normal Economy, Health 19.01.2022 23:01
Burial Rituals normal Administration, Rights 19.01.2022 23:00
Closing Time normal Economy, Rights 19.01.2022 23:02
Profit Sharing normal Economy, Rights 19.01.2022 23:01
Legalize It! normal Health, Rights 20.01.2022 00:23
Public Pools low Health, Budget 16.01.2022 00:32

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The crimes of the past are not brought up publicly anymore, for fear of slips of the tongue or misquotes.
Because of across-the-board copyright protection charges, the Internet gets three times as expensive as before.
The right of property is partially abrogated at schools in Teloneum.
public service fills half of all its vacancies with female applicants
food derived from animals becomes significantly more expensive, making a good share of citizens curse government
By abolishing monoculture farming, many notable landscapes and new ecosystems are created.
through public grants conditions in orphanages are improved dramatically
All genetically modified food has to be clearly identified on the package.
Women are often declined when applying for jobs to avoid future lawsuits for discrimination.
Teloneum temporarily detains terror suspects from Makreich