Quarter 120 - Winter 2019

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Licence of parenthood high Education, Family 14.01.2022 19:30
Fire safety NEW high Security, Economy 20.01.2022 19:46
Boycott Website high Economy, Rights 19.01.2022 18:10
An Eye For An Eye? high Security, Rights 18.01.2022 19:45
Competitive Sports high Health, Abroad 16.01.2022 00:31
Insults normal Security, Rights 14.01.2022 19:30
Public service dues NEW normal Administration, Budget 20.01.2022 19:45

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Alumni from Patria2021 are favored in other countries because of their above-board knowledge of the dominant foreign technical terminology.
Educated and wealthy parents tend to have more children.
danny2010 comments the cheat charges against a popular minister in a cautious way
Many newspapers and magazines are discontinued, after their most important advertising clients are no longer allowed to promote tobacco use.
In all downtown areas, homeless people gather outside of shelters and soup kitchens in large numbers.
The national research institute for the development of drugs against diseases of poverty has been completed. Now, research on a cure for malaria started.
Energy-saving, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly products form the greatest exports of Patria2021.
The water supply remains in the hands of public authorities.
Fathers often take the granted paternity leave to care for newborns.
Women handle contraceptives more and more carelessly.