Quarter 124 - Winter 2020

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Militia extremely high Security, Administration 11.01.2022 09:40
Interest Rate high Economy, Rights 19.01.2022 09:35
A Matter Of Taste high Rights, Abroad 18.01.2022 09:17
Trading Card Games normal Health, Rights 16.01.2022 08:59
Blubb blubb normal Economy, Environment 20.01.2022 11:19
Comprehensive schools normal Education, Rights 20.01.2022 11:20
Gambling normal Economy, Rights 19.01.2022 09:36

Former decisions had the following consequences:

most forms of neuro enhancement are banned
Inheritance is passed on tax-free.
Arguments flare about excavations under the Cathedral as the wording of the public referendum is fought over in the courts and never makes it to the ballot.
an union for late risers' rights establishs itself and slowly changes education and work life
The people of Irmenau appreciate very much the government's guarantee of the freedom of speech.
State visits from disliked heads-of-state are commonly held in rural uninhabited areas to not offend any civil rights.
Random event: a hacker was able to break into the central administration database and sell the data to dubious corporations
right-wing extremists chant "Who betrayed us? Irmi!" in the streets, after a temple was surrendered to the aggressive Makreich without any resistance
temporary employment is now state-aided
Teachers flunk some pupils because of bad linguistic style, although their answers are factually correct.