Demokratische Republik


Quarter 46 - Autumn 2001

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Internet Firewalls normal Economy, Rights 17.10.2021 02:08
Nuclear Energy normal Economy, Environment 20.10.2021 01:01
Lay-Off Protection normal Economy, Rights 20.10.2021 00:59
Abortion normal Health, Rights 16.10.2021 02:37
Genetically Modified Food NEW normal Economy, Environment 21.10.2021 01:48
Traffic Offenders normal Security, Infrastructure 13.10.2021 02:08
Competitive Sports NEW low Health, Abroad 21.10.2021 01:52

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Public pools are modernized at an enormous cost.
Your own house is the only place where you are not monitored by security cameras.
employees suffer from significant wage losses if their employer incurs a loss
More and more people skip regular screenings and medical checkups since all treatments are fully covered by public healthcare.
The treasury regularly receives interest collected by the central bank.
Sabbaticals are prohibited by law.
Members of the government exercise direct control over executive suites.
Labor unions and employer associations regularly debate about agreed wages.
Short, severe punishments act as a strong deterrent. They teach the prisoners self discipline, and don't turn ex-convicts into social drop-outs.
enterprises put high pressure on their employees to do unregistered overwork