Military Dictatorship


Quarter 54 - Autumn 2003

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Water high Economy, Infrastructure 15.10.2021 16:16
Attitude tests high Administration, Abroad 13.10.2021 08:52
Public Service Bans high Security, Rights 15.10.2021 16:16
Attack Dogs high Security, Rights 19.10.2021 22:15
Product Testing normal Economy, Environment 19.10.2021 22:15
Legalize It! normal Health, Rights 17.10.2021 14:36
Calls for tenders normal Economy, Rights 19.10.2021 22:14

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Because of the work ban on Sundays, you cannot refuel your car or buy food and even television stations go off the air.
A social scoring system decides who receives donor organs
Seniors are pleased with exorbitant state pension increases.
drug addicts start therapies with the aim to get their drugs prescribed afterwards
Asylum in Reikland is abolished which causes protests from radical left-wing groups.
Day care use rises as spouses no longer quit their jobs for their family.
Subsidies for the use of machines eliminate thousands of jobs, but make for cheap appliances and electronics.
difficult juveniles transpire in military schools while marching, cleaning and potato skinning
Domestic borrowers are protected against illegitimate credit alienations by hedge funds.
Punk rocker Skeebo who headed the music charts for ten weeks running has lost popularity now that he must use his given name, Benjamin Wadsworth the Third.