Quarter 143 - Winter 2025

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Broadcasting Licenses high Rights, Media 20.01.2022 15:09
Investment Subsidy normal Economy, Budget 12.01.2022 12:24
Timing normal Economy, Rights 12.01.2022 12:24
Whaling normal Environment, Rights 04.01.2022 14:32
Interviews normal Rights, Media 20.01.2022 15:08
Capital Gains Tax normal Economy, Budget 16.01.2022 12:29
Discounts for Seniors low Rights, Budget 16.01.2022 12:28

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Parents have to take their children to official health checkups every six months.
The citizens of Teutonia are declared the best dressed people worldwide by the international press.
The early introduction to driving lowers fatal accident rates, but drivers pay much more in insurance premiums to cover for the increased rate of minor accidents.
heavily regimented nano factory enterprises barely keep up with foreign competitors, but the population is relieved
Random event: a not stopped pandemia causes numerous deaths
Domestic borrowers are protected against illegitimate credit alienations by hedge funds.
Leadership training is obligatory for all educational occupations.
People move closer to their jobs since commuting transport expenses cannot be deducted from taxes.
Due to government funding, students don't ever need to work during their studies.
The satirist Johann Beamerwood is publicly reprimanded for insulting a foreign head of state by the government