Federal Republic


Quarter 172 - Spring 2033

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Interviews high Rights, Media 14.01.2022 23:17
Internet Firewalls high Economy, Rights 15.01.2022 00:23
Salary justification high Economy, Rights 15.01.2022 00:22
Malonite NEW high Education, Rights 18.01.2022 01:16
Food Stamps normal Health, Budget 14.01.2022 23:17
Foreign Television normal Rights, Abroad 16.01.2022 01:19
Discounts for Seniors normal Rights, Budget 14.01.2022 23:16

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Human rights councils restrict free speech and cast fear over media outlets as many "trials" take place behind closed doors with dubiously appointed members.
Pupils are trained in 'soft' skills when a class is cancelled.
Because commissions and bonuses are not taxed, fixed salaries are lowered massively.
The physical inviolability of every citizen is assured.
If a trust is proven to exist, the responsible persons are put in jail.
Government and private corporations fire different-minded individuals on the basis of conformity.
More cases emerge where parents keep their children locked in cages in dark basements for years.
People with habits that are considered abnormal often vanish into psychiatric wards of hospitals.
Fair Trade products are now free of all excise taxes, which lowers their prices slightly
Citizens of disaster areas take extensive preventative measures independently.