Quarter 175 - Winter 2034

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Trash high Administration, Environment 16.01.2022 22:44
A Matter Of Taste high Rights, Abroad 18.01.2022 20:38
Closing Time high Economy, Rights 16.01.2022 22:43
Pets NEW normal Environment, Rights 20.01.2022 22:13
Violent Television Programs NEW normal Health, Media 20.01.2022 22:14
Nuclear Energy normal Economy, Environment 19.01.2022 11:27
Competitive Sports low Health, Abroad 16.01.2022 22:44

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The police now have expensive high-tech equipment, although some question their efficency with it.
citizens scrap their old cars like crazy, to get an incentive for new ones, while used-car dealers suffer
Participation in adult education is financially rewarded.
The security of the Central Administration Database was increased by an annual data purge.
The number of police officers in Uzbekistan has been greatly increased.
Random event: a bumper crop lets food prices collapse
State visits from disliked heads-of-state are commonly held in rural uninhabited areas to not offend any civil rights.
Organic agricultural products in Uzbekistan are of good value and healthy.
Random event: The public research institution for poverty diseases has developed a cure for icterus and gives it away for free to countries in need.
Therapists keep up-to-date with constant training.