Quarter 315 - Winter 2069

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Boycott Website extremely high Economy, Rights 14.01.2022 08:10
Equality extremely high Economy, Rights 16.01.2022 17:19
Retirement Savings Plans extremely high Economy, Rights 07.01.2022 09:10
Adult Education extremely high Economy, Education 11.01.2022 07:29
Incest high Rights, Family 15.01.2022 08:16
Real Estate Agents high Economy, Infrastructure 15.01.2022 08:15
Direct Marketing high Economy, Rights 14.01.2022 08:10

Former decisions had the following consequences:

People with habits that are considered abnormal often vanish into psychiatric wards of hospitals.
Welfare recipients have to purchase their own furniture, for it's no longer paid for by the state.
Domestic corporations often suffer when operating abroad as they may not pay the usual bribe money to foreign officials.
Scat porn enthusiasts are punished harshly.
Disabled persons are not feasted in restaurants in order to make other guests stay.
The water supply remains in the hands of public authorities.
The police uses anti-juvenile sonic devices to disperse protesters and break-up riots.
state-certified insurance contracts are the fast seller in the insurance sector
Admission criteria for the public 'elite' universities are so strict that only the brightest minds are accepted.
Patents not in use expire after two years.