Quarter 107 - Autumn 2016

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Filesharing Networks high Economy, Rights 20.10.2021 09:11
Road Workers high Education, Rights 16.10.2021 09:34
Pick A Name, Any Name normal Administration, Rights 20.10.2021 09:10
Retirement Savings Plans normal Economy, Rights 18.10.2021 09:55
Discipline normal Health, Education 13.10.2021 09:33
The Nobility low Administration, Rights 18.10.2021 09:56
Licence of parenthood NEW low Education, Family 21.10.2021 07:09

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The state pays for basic burials of deceased citizens.
Drug addicts are only forced to deprive if they are proven in court to be a threat to themselves or society.
whoever wants to buy a train ticket has to log into a social network first and to accept others getting note about it
People without children can purchase foreign babies by auction on the internet.
Attack dogs may only walk outside with their muzzle.
jobs are taxed by their assumed usefulness
Players enjoy themselves in illegal gambling dens, which become more and more common.
Contributions to parties have to be made public via internet.
due to geothermal powerhouses' abundant power electric mobility becomes more attractive
from now on only adults are allowed to reveal themselves to ridiculousness in casting shows