Quarter 175 - Winter 2034

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Squatters high Rights, Infrastructure 20.01.2022 19:19
Penalty tax high Economy, Rights 19.01.2022 18:23
A Matter Of Taste high Rights, Abroad 18.01.2022 08:18
Speculation high Economy, Rights 19.01.2022 18:22
Naturalization high Rights, Abroad 15.01.2022 11:54
Foreign Television normal Rights, Abroad 16.01.2022 10:58
Intelligent Design normal Education, Rights 20.01.2022 19:19

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Domestic products become an export hit due to their high quality.
Official rent indexes protect tenants against exorbitant rent.
drug addicts start therapies with the aim to get their drugs prescribed afterwards
School attendance sharply increases when some teachers go to school without wearing a top.
investments in nano factories boost economy and result in fascinating new products, but at what price?
a flatrate is introduced for public services, paid by all citizens equally
Highly developed battle robots are used to fight crime.
Many millionaires move to foreign countries.
Many real estate agencies have to close down because many people begin to buy and sell homes themselves.
Some parents deliberately poison themselves in order to be allowed to donate their vital organs to their terminally ill children.