Supreme Monarchy

Greater Russiagreen

Quarter 170 - Winter 2032

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Preschools high Education, Family 03.12.2021 09:45
National Anthem high Administration, Abroad 29.11.2021 16:33
Competitive Sports normal Health, Abroad 28.11.2021 09:32
Freedom to Strike normal Economy, Rights 29.11.2021 16:33
Direct Marketing normal Economy, Rights 02.12.2021 15:34
Public Pools normal Health, Budget 20.11.2021 20:58
Doping normal Health, Rights 03.12.2021 09:44

Former decisions had the following consequences:

polygamy is traced and punished mercilessly
Along with a leash, plastic bag, and pooper-scooper, dog owners must now carry a pet identification card with picture for security purposes.
Animal abusers are convicted as felons and given long sentences in prison.
Prostitutes are forced into hiding and must lower their prices since customers fear significant jail time and fines.
An independent commission debunks that the terrorist attacks were caused by parts of the government itself.
Public ownership of government buildings is confirmed, despite some large offers from private investors.
Banks are forced to offer the same interest rate for loans to every customer.
heavily regimented nano factory enterprises barely keep up with foreign competitors, but the population is relieved
thanks to free coupons cultural events come into vogue again
The number of first-time users decreases noticeably.