Quarter 122 - Winter 2020
State calculations are running, actions are permitted again after 12:10 PM Central European time. Meanwhile, you could visit the forum.

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Medicants high Health, Budget 29.06.2021 22:22
Ivy League high Economy, Education 25.06.2021 10:05
Military Schools high Rights, Family 29.06.2021 22:22
Pesticides normal Environment, Health 23.06.2021 17:04
Autism normal Education, Family 26.06.2021 22:12
Parks normal Environment, Infrastructure 22.06.2021 08:57
Fair Trade normal Economy, Abroad 29.06.2021 22:21

Former decisions had the following consequences:

women's quota in corporations is arranged by tax privileges and penalty taxes
Many fathers, politicians, and clergymen appear in court for downloading pornography.
after a fraught interlude of threats and weapons aimed on each other Makreich finally retreats from Folsaria
Job applicants are protected against employers requesting personal information not required for employment.
a flatrate is introduced for public services, paid by all citizens equally
Most poor people are left out of political parties as they drastically raise membership dues because donations are now prohibited.
Products from Folsaria are very expensive, but are perceived as quality goods.
Popular sports shoe brands disappear from stores as penalty taxes are imposed on shoe manufacturers known for running sweat shops in poor countries.
Official rent indexes protect tenants against exorbitant rent.
Numerous small tax accountants go bankrupt.