Quarter 64 - Winter 2005

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Intelligent Design high Education, Rights 23.07.2021 09:30
National Anthem normal Administration, Abroad 23.07.2021 09:31
Candies normal Administration, Health 21.07.2021 18:55
Incest normal Rights, Family 23.07.2021 09:29
Shopping Hours normal Economy, Rights 17.07.2021 08:25
Licence of parenthood low Education, Family 24.07.2021 11:10
Prohibition low Health, Rights 24.07.2021 11:09

Former decisions had the following consequences:

the Personal Rapid Transit significantly improves infrastructure
Cities are slowly upgraded by new public parks.
Enterprises fire recent parents and re-employ them one year later.
public broadcasters are able to increase the quality of their programming as they are now fully financed by the government
Blasphemous expressions result in imprisonment.
Several major retail stores that sell brand products go bankrupt because most manufacturers only sell their products directly to customers.
The lifting of the ban on aircraft take-offs late at night and the further development of airstrips into nature preserves causes many protests.
Junk products with brand names on the shelves annoys consumers.
Pornography sales hit an all time high on the black market while some publishers compete to get higher placement on the government's internet list of "evil" pornographers.
All TV stations are prohibited from broadcasting on Mondays as the government mandates it as a TV-free day.