Quarter 136 - Spring 2024

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Freedom of Movement normal Economy, Abroad 19.07.2021 00:34
Conscription normal Security, Rights 23.07.2021 00:31
Driver's License normal Rights, Infrastructure 23.07.2021 00:31
Casinos normal Rights, Abroad 15.07.2021 00:25
Whaling normal Environment, Rights 23.07.2021 00:30
Parks normal Environment, Infrastructure 17.07.2021 00:24
Forced Labor low Security, Rights 21.07.2021 00:35

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Participation in adult education is financially rewarded.
The newly mandated culture programs on TV drives people's will to read again.
The state spends a huge amount of money on millions of new school uniforms.
The national research institute for the development of drugs against diseases of poverty has been completed. Now, research on a cure for malaria started.
Real estate agents become some of the wealthiest people in the nation as they gain near total control over the housing industry and charge exorbitant fees.
Organic agricultural products in Mykopia are of good value and healthy.
Drug addicts are taken to rehabilitation centers against their will until they are cured.
from now on only adults are allowed to reveal themselves to ridiculousness in casting shows
many families take care of orphans to improve their household budget
The state guarantees the liquidity of poorly managed banks in order to prevent economic catastrophe.