Quarter 88 - Autumn 2012

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Standardized Testing high Administration, Education 25.05.2021 20:24
Costs of tax advice high Rights, Budget 21.05.2021 10:17
Politics of Reproduction normal Education, Family 20.05.2021 22:09
Timing normal Economy, Rights 29.05.2021 23:38
Immigration normal Rights, Abroad 29.05.2021 23:34
Work on Weekends normal Economy, Rights 25.05.2021 20:21
Pornography normal Rights, Media 25.05.2021 20:16

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Due to a ban on imported meat, drug smugglers begin to include foreign specialties of meat in their shipments.
Drivers have to complete a refresher test every two years at their own cost.
autistic people are educated in their own expensive kindergarten and school classes
Lobbyists legally manipulate congressmen.
since long hours became very expensive for employers, they try to accelerate pace of work
The borders are closed for former emigrants.
Petty criminals are intentionally seeking arrest from law enforcement, so they can serve a nice little term in jail.
any type of dues is settled centrally by finance office
Taxpayer unions rejoice, however, soccer fans are dissatisfied because the country does not apply for the World Cup.
Mafia members have a difficult stand due to the promotion of fighting organized crime