Quarter 146 - Autumn 2026

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Sick Pay high Economy, Health 28.07.2021 07:55
Treasure Hunt normal Rights, Budget 31.07.2021 14:17
Speculation normal Economy, Rights 01.08.2021 11:39
Road Workers normal Education, Rights 29.07.2021 07:52
Trash normal Administration, Environment 29.07.2021 07:52
National Anthem normal Administration, Abroad 31.07.2021 14:16
Naturalization low Rights, Abroad 02.08.2021 07:59

Former decisions had the following consequences:

many alumni looking for work eke out a living with internships paid by the state
More and more departments are being outsourced to other countries.
Minority and immigrant children get massive aid and are preferentially admitted to college, even with low grades, thus denying many qualified children from the middle class.
Workers partake in the profits of their enterprises.
Supermarkets now offer deep-frozen "Dog Nuggets" and "Cat Sticks".
Dideldu fights the explosion of population with an offer for sterilization at no cost for ages thirty and older.
Highly developed battle robots are used to fight crime.
Dideldu stays out of the business of Persyana, citizens' and foreign reactions are neutral in total
A giant hydro-electric dam brings high earnings for the state and valley residents who now live in mansions on the coast.
Seniors enjoy extensive discounts for public transportation, recreation, and entertainment.