Demokratische Republik

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Quarter 112 - Spring 2018

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Dam normal Economy, Environment 21.07.2021 21:53
Scat Pornography normal Health, Rights 25.07.2021 23:12
Surveillance of employment areas normal Economy, Rights 25.07.2021 23:11
Prohibition normal Health, Rights 21.07.2021 21:54
Banking Confidentiality normal Economy, Budget 27.07.2021 01:05
School Uniforms normal Education, Rights 27.07.2021 01:06
Retirement Savings Plans low Economy, Rights 25.07.2021 23:10

Former decisions had the following consequences:

market halls and shopping centers are flooded with more and more useless junk
Corporate executives are extremely angry when they are forced by law to create extensive sick leave pay programs and health insurance funds.
Due to a ban on imported meat, drug smugglers begin to include foreign specialties of meat in their shipments.
Embryos have to be imported for stem cell research.
Contributions to parties have to be made public via internet.
Large areas previously belonging to the nobility are now used for agriculture by state-operated companies.
The elderly sink large amounts of money into houses, jewelery, and enterprises to escape the inheritance tax.
The latest celebrity gossip makes headlines while many important government decisions are lost in the back pages of newspapers.
Participation in adult education is financially rewarded.
Trade unions receive government subsidies which results in many corporations moving their headquarters to other nations.