Title Urgency Categories Assignment Done
Land Reclamation normal Environment, Infrastructure 09.04.2021 11:29 09.04.2021 11:29
Election Pledges normal Administration, Rights 09.04.2021 11:28 09.04.2021 11:29
Birth limitation high Rights, Family 09.04.2021 11:28 09.04.2021 11:29
Fire Destroys Parliament Building extremely high Security, Rights 09.04.2021 11:28 09.04.2021 11:29

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Projects for land reclamation are cancelled and designated as nature preserves instead.
Politicians don't give any election pledges since they can be sued for not keeping them.
Kurdistan fights the explosion of population with an offer for sterilization at no cost for ages thirty and older.
Prominent right-wing extremists deny involvement, but are arrested and sentenced when a mysterious letter claiming responsibility for burning down the parliament building is 'found' during house raids in the middle of the night.