Quarter 137 - Summer 2024

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Sacrifice extremely high Health, Rights 21.07.2021 07:55
A Waste Of Time? extremely high Health, Education 16.07.2021 06:29
Parks extremely high Environment, Infrastructure 15.07.2021 06:55
Orphans high Rights, Family 19.07.2021 07:54
Citizens' Initiative high Administration, Rights 17.07.2021 07:42
Patent Use normal Economy, Rights 20.07.2021 07:20
No Service! normal Economy, Infrastructure 21.07.2021 07:56

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Random event: a very successful horticultural show in Sixenhausen delights citizens as well as tourists
The state invests great sums of money in order to make transhumanist technology available for all citizens and not just a small elite.
More and more traumatized and hyperactive children have to seek psychological counseling due to violent TV programs.
The newly launched rainforest protection fund will be accompanied by a massive enlightenment campaign
The people of SixFold appreciate very much the government's guarantee of the freedom of speech.
Numerous regional press secretaries try to present government policy in a positive light to the people.
SixFold supports an animal welfare organisation that violates its own laws
due to geothermal powerhouses' abundant power electric mobility becomes more attractive
Random event: this year even three scientists from SixFold gained a Nobel prize which caused a worldwide furore
Alumni from SixFold are favored in other countries because of their above-board knowledge of the dominant foreign technical terminology.