Technokratische Republik


Quarter 90 - Autumn 2012

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
School Attendance high Education, Rights 17.06.2021 10:08
Battle Robots high Security, Budget 18.06.2021 01:42
Junk and shoddy normal Economy, Environment 13.06.2021 00:35
Freedom of Movement normal Economy, Abroad 14.06.2021 00:41
In Vitro Fertilization NEW normal Health, Family 19.06.2021 00:48
Citizens' Initiative low Administration, Rights 18.06.2021 01:40
Board of Directors Secrecy NEW low Economy, Rights 19.06.2021 00:47

Former decisions had the following consequences:

a mountainous statue of Jonathan Bovier watches over Bryanzien now
Corporations that consciously manipulate their products to make them break after the warranty expires are severely punished.
since long hours became very expensive for employers, they try to accelerate pace of work
In lieu of the death penalty, murderers and rapists loose their citizenship and are put to work as slaves.
Official courts debate over cases of freedom of speech and press for years.
All communication data from citizens is saved and made available to the police and courts.
Admission criteria for the public 'elite' universities are so strict that only the brightest minds are accepted.
School attendance sharply increases when some teachers go to school without wearing a top.
Many advertising agencies shut down after losing most of their customers.
Criminal immigrants are quickly expelled after their prison sentence is completed.