Quarter 266 - Autumn 2056

Open tasks

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Former decisions had the following consequences:

some enterprises try to employ regular workers as apprentices, because those are payed by the state
using nano factories, biologists make sheeps speak, which results in new debates about animal rights
The leader of Mosh takes total control of the nation as the seperation of powers is ended and the legislative and judicial branches of government eliminated.
Energy-saving, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly products form the greatest exports of Mosh.
A think-tank decides quickly and unbureaucratically about expedient subsidies into new markets.
A giant hydro-electric dam brings high earnings for the state and valley residents who now live in mansions on the coast.
costs-by-cause principle for public services is reintroduced strictly
numerous prominents leave the country to indulge in cocaine elsewhere
More and more departments are being outsourced to other countries.
Executives are forced to pay taxes on bonuses and other company perks.