Quarter 197 - Summer 2039

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Orphans extremely high Rights, Family 15.09.2021 00:55
Secret State Police extremely high Security, Rights 18.09.2021 21:13
Larks and owls extremely high Health, Rights 15.09.2021 00:55
Labor Unions extremely high Economy, Rights 14.09.2021 22:00
Blubb blubb high Economy, Environment 18.09.2021 21:13
Salary justification high Economy, Rights 19.09.2021 00:36
Candies NEW normal Administration, Health 21.09.2021 21:32

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Random event: this year even three scientists from Greenland gained a Nobel prize which caused a worldwide furore
Welfare is elevated in order to abolish additional aid for the furniture of welfare recipients.
Companies pay immense sums for state scientific findings.
Risky speculations make some economists worry about the future stability of the economy in Greenland.
Using the completely abuzz tubes is for free.
Because of the work ban on Sundays, you cannot refuel your car or buy food and even television stations go off the air.
Women handle contraceptives more and more carelessly.
because of the forced reduction in labor time, enterprises often force their employees to work faster and harder
Executives at major food corporations are pleased by the additional subsidies their massive farms are given.
conscription was tightened and supplemented by following regular training sessions