Republic of


Quarter 99 - Winter 2015

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Representative Monarchy high Administration, Budget 10.06.2021 19:07
Illegal employment high Economy, Budget 15.06.2021 18:55
Calls for tenders high Economy, Rights 15.06.2021 18:54
Nuclear Energy normal Economy, Environment 15.06.2021 19:11
Investment Subsidy normal Economy, Budget 15.06.2021 18:56
Many gaudy smarties normal Administration, Health 15.06.2021 19:15
Product Liability normal Economy, Rights 15.06.2021 18:56

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Trading cards become one of the most important status symbols among children which causes many fights and disruptions in school.
The churches take over as places of primary health care for the poor.
Protesters gather outside supermarkets across Mexico as imported whale meat is placed on the shelves.
Parents who do not pass the test must submit to governmental observation.
Animal right's activists are beaten and thrown in jail while cattle lots and slaughterhouses expand throughout the countryside.
The minimum wage is set at just enough to survive at a basic level.
Random event: a bumper crop lets food prices collapse
The treasury regularly receives interest collected by the central bank.
School books are available for free.
Hijacking citizens from Mexico becomes a profitable enterprise for not just terrorists, but regular common criminals.