Human Igreen

Quarter 226 - Spring 2047

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Brutal clothing and shoe brand name terror rages in the classrooms of Human I.
polygamy of every type is now allowed
Your own house is the only place where you are not monitored by security cameras.
Enterprises focus on in-company advanced training.
Thousands of people illegally cross the border in waves as they are granted amnesty and given citizenship after two years of avoiding the police inside Human I.
Criminal immigrants are quickly expelled after their prison sentence is completed.
Enterprises send their workers to one-year foreign language schools at expense of the taxpayers.
finally nuclear fusion is available for profitable use
Once a month, all representatives have to face up to a journalist of the public broadcasting service.
Foreign investors relocate their capital to other countries since their secrets are no longer secure in Human I.