Quarter 112 - Autumn 2018

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Closing Time high Economy, Rights 24.05.2021 01:07
Discipline high Health, Education 20.05.2021 16:52
Online Games high Economy, Media 26.05.2021 04:58
Income Limitations high Economy, Rights 21.05.2021 02:00
Neuro enhancement normal Economy, Health 25.05.2021 01:37
Whaling normal Environment, Rights 26.05.2021 04:57
Trading Card Games low Health, Rights 28.05.2021 01:10

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Makreich doesn't take Masterpierround's mediator role serious and keeps Tauris, resulting in sanctions by Masterpierround and other countries
The police uses anti-juvenile sonic devices to disperse protesters and break-up riots.
By abolishing monoculture farming, many notable landscapes and new ecosystems are created.
a newly established public insurance agency causes a great stir in the economy sector
Foreign countries wonder why the citizens of Masterpierround don't join in when their anthem is performed.
Numerous regional press secretaries try to present government policy in a positive light to the people.
The national research institute for the development of drugs against diseases of poverty has been completed. Now, research on a cure for malaria started.
national control of labor time limits enterprises in their flexibility
Many advertising agencies shut down after losing most of their customers.
Endurance athletes from Masterpierround rarely make the news in international competitions.