Quarter 141 - Spring 2025

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Foreign Languages high Economy, Education 10.03.2021 08:02
Human Rights Council high Rights, Abroad 10.03.2021 08:04
Profit Sharing high Economy, Rights 15.03.2021 10:41
Film Editing high Rights, Media 09.03.2021 13:25
Crop Energy high Economy, Environment 15.03.2021 10:43
Neuro enhancement normal Economy, Health 10.03.2021 08:02
Mom and Pop Shops normal Economy, Infrastructure 15.03.2021 10:40

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Some areas are returned to their natural state as wetlands, improving biodiversity, but angering nearby residents who don't want to battle more mosquitoes.
Call centers molest more and more households to make up for losses from sales that are cancelled the next day.
Trading cards become one of the most important status symbols among children which causes many fights and disruptions in school.
Trademark laws have been eased noticeably.
Enterprises have to treat mistakes of workers confidentially.
the space elevator greatly boosts economy and research
Sodas and cakes are becoming real luxury items.
The army mainly consists of strategic battle robots.
The newly launched rainforest protection fund will be accompanied by a massive enlightenment campaign
The people of Allemanien appreciate very much the government's guarantee of the freedom of speech.