Total Monarchy

New Berlingreen

Quarter 334 - Spring 2074

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Claptrap is now addressed as "Your Majesty" as the people of New Berlin kneel before their new monarch.
The introduction of depreciative money causes the wealthy upper class to move their liquid securities out of the country, resulting in massive loss of capital.
Public pools are modernized at an enormous cost.
Religious organizations conduct secret surveillance on escapade services and then call the police to have them shut down.
Corporations that consciously manipulate their products to make them break after the warranty expires are severely punished.
The state pays for basic burials of deceased citizens.
Adults have to attend technology tutorials against their will.
the lunar colony enjoys great popularity among wealthy or handicapped tourists
Art may be released only with an official seal of the ministry of culture.
Former CEOs file complaints with international agencies after the nationalization of power companies.