Total Monarchy

New Berlingreen

Quarter 171 - Summer 2033

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
The last shah extremely high Security, Abroad 02.08.2021 20:40
Anti-Juvenile Frequency extremely high Security, Rights 27.07.2021 19:42
Fair Trade normal Economy, Abroad 31.07.2021 21:39
Tabloids normal Education, Media 01.08.2021 21:48
Topless Society normal Environment, Rights 02.08.2021 20:40
Newspaper Cartoons normal Rights, Abroad 04.08.2021 19:53
Legalize It! low Health, Rights 01.08.2021 21:48

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The satirist Johann Beamerwood is publicly reprimanded for insulting a foreign head of state by the government
Students from some schools miserably fail the new standardized graduation tests.
Since citizens no longer have to sort their trash, many new buildings are constructed with giant trash chutes.
The state profits from scientific achievements of zero-gravity experiments.
Some members of fringe groups secretly carry audio tapes with them to proove cases of discrimination.
Criminals are finally unable to tap into police radio channels.
public service fills half of all its vacancies with female applicants
Scat porn enthusiasts are punished harshly.
Loud insults in traffic, at supermarket checkouts, and in TV talk shows become a part of daily life.
The people of New Berlin appreciate very much the government's guarantee of the freedom of speech.