Total Monarchy

New Berlingreen

Quarter 219 - Summer 2045


Weather Control active

Storms and droughts have always nourished the desire to obtain methods to control the weather.


Total costs: 304.08 Bil.
Costs per year, for 100% PE projects 40.54 Bil.
Completed in quarter 104


"The weather doesn't have to be left to chance any longer!" suggests Steven Sleetgod, lead developer at a technology group, which specializes in meteorological phenomena. "We have come up with an approach to avoid extreme weather through early diagnosis and chemical and electrical interference. It's needless to say that those provisions should only be applied in order to prevent storm and crop failure - you just can't please every interest group. But the opportunity to prevent terrible disasters should be reason enough for this approach."

Weather Control

Exclusions and requirements

Excludes: Hurricane, Flood Disaster, Crop Failure