Federal Republic


Quarter 102 - Autumn 2015

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Overtime extremely high Economy, Health 14.06.2021 02:24
Freedom of Movement high Economy, Abroad 12.06.2021 00:51
Parks high Environment, Infrastructure 08.06.2021 11:11
Board of Directors Secrecy high Economy, Rights 14.06.2021 01:29
Timing high Economy, Rights 14.06.2021 02:24
Film Editing normal Rights, Media 09.06.2021 01:37
Land Reclamation normal Environment, Infrastructure 14.06.2021 02:26

Former decisions had the following consequences:

employees suffer from significant wage losses if their employer incurs a loss
The state spends a huge amount of money on millions of new school uniforms.
Attack dogs may only walk outside with their muzzle.
One is forced to submit income reports to courts for every parking ticket.
Carcadia makes huge efforts to please its minorities and to settle a conflict within Micronia, but the latter one finally escalates to local open war
The state invests great sums of money in order to make transhumanist technology available for all citizens and not just a small elite.
People on welfare damage their furniture and throw out good clothing every year to get additional aid.
Animal abusers are convicted as felons and given long sentences in prison.
The physical inviolability of every citizen is assured.
The people of Carcadia appreciate very much the government's guarantee of the freedom of speech.