No Reforms Igreen

Quarter 224 - Summer 2046

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Asylum high Rights, Abroad 15.09.2021 20:06
Profit Sharing high Economy, Rights 11.09.2021 20:15
Catacombs high Education, Rights 15.09.2021 20:05
Fire safety NEW high Security, Economy 17.09.2021 19:49
Direct Marketing high Economy, Rights 13.09.2021 22:17
Crop Energy NEW high Economy, Environment 17.09.2021 19:49
Intelligent Design normal Education, Rights 14.09.2021 19:10

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Handicapped individuals enjoy a large amount of freedom from barriers.
rumor about tax evader CDs and associated arrests works a circuit
Random event: The collision of two oil tankers beneath the coast causes a devastating oil spill.
pro-government cultural events are massively subsidized by the state
Citizens going about their business are regularly hauled into police vans and thrown into jail for days on end after looking at one of the countless new police officers on the beat "funny".
Since the state now operates supply stores in rural villages, the appeal of cheaper country living has slowed migration to the megacities.
polygamy of every type is now allowed
conscription was tightened and supplemented by following regular training sessions
public fishing quotas protect fish stock and keep marine police busy
Cities are slowly upgraded by new public parks.