No Reforms Igreen

Quarter 133 - Autumn 2023

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
In Vitro Fertilization extremely high Health, Family 10.06.2021 19:33
Firearms extremely high Security, Rights 17.06.2021 23:22
Sick Pay extremely high Economy, Health 13.06.2021 17:47
Death Penalty high Security, Rights 17.06.2021 23:22
Topless Society normal Environment, Rights 15.06.2021 11:56
Escapade Services normal Rights, Family 18.06.2021 18:20
Retirement Savings Plans low Economy, Rights 18.06.2021 18:20

Former decisions had the following consequences:

public broadcasters are able to increase the quality of their programming as they are now fully financed by the government
Microns is -once again- offended because of a unpunished diatribe
after many deaths a pandemia is beaten by a large-scale vaccination program
Teachers are rarely absent, because there is a free lunch at school.
The state offers huge prizes for historical artifacts and then displays them publicly.
Public pools are modernized at an enormous cost.
No Reforms I grants extensive autonomy for an ethnic minority
some enterprises try to employ regular workers as apprentices, because those are payed by the state
Alumni from No Reforms I are favored in other countries because of their above-board knowledge of the dominant foreign technical terminology.
State visits from disliked heads-of-state are commonly held in rural uninhabited areas to not offend any civil rights.