Kastalisch Westafrikagreen

Quarter 183 - Spring 2036

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Sporting Events high Economy, Media 07.05.2021 06:35
Native Language Music high Education, Media 03.05.2021 06:28
Labor Time normal Economy, Health 07.05.2021 15:11
Discounts for Seniors normal Rights, Budget 03.05.2021 22:43
Agricultural Subsidies normal Economy, Budget 07.05.2021 06:37
A Waste Of Time? normal Health, Education 07.05.2021 15:10
Shopping Hours low Economy, Rights 07.05.2021 15:10

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Leadership training is obligatory for all educational occupations.
Criminal immigrants are quickly expelled after their prison sentence is completed.
A meteorite provides astonishing revelations about the solar system.
The army mainly consists of strategic battle robots.
Intelligent journalists ask politicians razor-sharp questions and dig deeply for information, sometimes embarrasing politicians.
All dead bodies become property of the government.
production of toxic waste is heavily monitored as well as penalised by taxes
Popular sports shoe brands disappear from stores as penalty taxes are imposed on shoe manufacturers known for running sweat shops in poor countries.
Alumni from Kastalisch Westafrika are favored in other countries because of their above-board knowledge of the dominant foreign technical terminology.
Enterprises send their workers to one-year foreign language schools at expense of the taxpayers.