tyranny of the Republic of


Quarter 157 - Autumn 2029

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Organ Donation high Health, Rights 15.06.2021 23:05
Dam high Economy, Environment 10.06.2021 19:15
Equality high Economy, Rights 13.06.2021 04:50
Inheritance Tax high Economy, Budget 10.06.2021 19:13
Neuro enhancement normal Economy, Health 13.06.2021 04:53
Emissions Trading normal Economy, Environment 15.06.2021 23:03
Escapade Services normal Rights, Family 17.06.2021 13:57

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The sales of sports cars rapidly diminish.
There are virtually no private building projects for the destitute underclass.
Random event: The public research institution for poverty diseases has developed a cure for icterus and gives it away for free to countries in need.
Former CEOs file complaints with international agencies after the nationalization of power companies.
difficult juveniles transpire in military schools while marching, cleaning and potato skinning
through public grants conditions in orphanages are improved dramatically
Adolescents obligatorily have to participate in a sports team, although many with poor skills simply sit on the sidelines.
corpulent citizens emigrate in droves, to avoid the discriminatory national weight control
Regular working hours are extended by 30 min to accommodate for the daily morning exercise.
Students often have problems with the dominant foreign technical terminology.