Human IIgreen

Quarter 126 - Autumn 2021

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
No Service! extremely high Economy, Infrastructure 04.05.2021 17:30
Discipline high Health, Education 01.05.2021 09:52
Parks high Environment, Infrastructure 09.05.2021 17:37
A Waste Of Time? normal Health, Education 13.05.2021 18:19
Communication Data normal Security, Rights 12.05.2021 19:30
Native Language Music normal Education, Media 05.05.2021 17:58
Discounts for Seniors low Rights, Budget 13.05.2021 18:20

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Commercial TV stations face hefty fines for violating laws that protect minors from violent programming.
in Human II a cure for all types of cancer has been found and everywhere in the world memorials are built in honor of optimus rex
The state guarantees the liquidity of poorly managed banks in order to prevent economic catastrophe.
Organic agricultural products in Human II are of good value and healthy.
Many jobs are taken over by robots in all industries, making products cheaper, however many humans are left unemployed as a result.
People without children can purchase foreign babies by auction on the internet.
Unofficial secret agents manipulate decision makers in other countries so that Human II companies will be favored.
A "traffic light" symbol on food packaging allows for easier nutritional orientation for consumers
Foreign terrorists beware of hijacking citizens from Human II.
Admission criteria for the public 'elite' universities are so strict that only the brightest minds are accepted.