Quarter 210 - Spring 2043

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Doping normal Health, Rights 16.04.2021 13:20
Minimum Wage normal Economy, Rights 29.04.2021 12:19
Adoption normal Rights, Family 02.05.2021 08:56
Food Stamps low Health, Budget 02.05.2021 08:58
Shopping Hours low Economy, Rights 02.05.2021 08:59
Board of Directors Secrecy low Economy, Rights 25.04.2021 18:18
Internet Slang low Education, Media 29.04.2021 12:21

Former decisions had the following consequences:

the Personal Rapid Transit significantly improves infrastructure
The income tax is decreased in order to make the economy fit for international competition.
The power companies succeed in jacking up the price ceiling through intense lobbying.
If a trust is proven to exist, the responsible persons are put in jail.
Random event: a very successful horticultural show in Peitschos delights citizens as well as tourists
Insurance companies pay compensation to current clients and then greatly raise prices for those who have yet to purchase retirement savings plans.
Embryos have to be imported for stem cell research.
The number of first-time users decreases noticeably.
The state is obligated to provide a preschool space for every child.
Many tabloid newspapers close down as counterstatements must have equal importance as headline articles.