Quarter 106 - Winter 2016

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Discipline extremely high Health, Education 05.04.2021 00:47
Topless Society high Environment, Rights 06.04.2021 00:21
Banking Confidentiality high Economy, Budget 08.04.2021 00:28
Bzzzzz.... normal Environment, Health 11.04.2021 17:41
Intelligent Design normal Education, Rights 12.04.2021 12:33
Scat Pornography low Health, Rights 11.04.2021 17:41
Adoption low Rights, Family 12.04.2021 12:33

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Official courts debate over cases of freedom of speech and press for years.
The entire population of Kamovia has to report for exercise duty every morning.
Murderers are often released after only a couple years of imprisonment.
Children are forced from a very young age into sports by their parents in hopes of receiving coveted support from the state.
The state guarantees the liquidity of poorly managed banks in order to prevent economic catastrophe.
The income tax is decreased in order to make the economy fit for international competition.
[Hauptstadt] applies to host the Olympic Games
Enterprises have to treat mistakes of workers confidentially.
More teachers show up to work in order to win the attendance bonus, but some citizens complain that they are being rewarded for simply doing their job.
Expensive jammers prevent data espionage from foreign monitoring stations.