Quarter 217 - Winter 2044

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Cruelty to Animals high Security, Rights 21.07.2021 06:11
Genetically Modified Food high Economy, Environment 23.07.2021 01:06
Interest Rate high Economy, Rights 24.07.2021 16:30
Native Language Music normal Education, Media 16.07.2021 07:30
Hostages normal Rights, Abroad 24.07.2021 16:32
School Materials low Education, Budget 25.07.2021 13:49

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The state pays for basic burials of deceased citizens.
revolts of separatists are ended with brute force
Endurance athletes from Sparland rarely make the news in international competitions.
the failed attempt to murder one of Makreich's generals overshadows its garrison of a temple in Sparland, which is finally internationally tolerated
several terrorist attacks shatter Sparland till the acommodated shah one day peacefully passes away in his bed
Rural areas are supplied by delivery companies that are subsidized by the state.
vaccinations are absolutely optional
through public grants conditions in orphanages are improved dramatically
Handicapped individuals enjoy a large amount of freedom from barriers.
Official rent indexes protect tenants against exorbitant rent.