Constitutional Republic


Quarter 30 - Summer 1997

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Preschools extremely high Education, Family 17.05.2021 01:49
State Visit high Rights, Abroad 17.05.2021 01:54
Internet Slang high Education, Media 16.05.2021 23:33
Intelligent Design normal Education, Rights 17.05.2021 02:05
Doping normal Health, Rights 17.05.2021 02:04
Work on Weekends normal Economy, Rights 17.05.2021 01:57
Legalize It! low Health, Rights 17.05.2021 02:06

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Micronia ignores the desire for criminal proceedings for a diatribe
citizens scrap their old cars like crazy, to get an incentive for new ones, while used-car dealers suffer
Thousands of people illegally cross the border in waves as they are granted amnesty and given citizenship after two years of avoiding the police inside Babylonia.
[Hauptstadt] applies to host the Olympic Games
A wave of processes because of alleged discrimination rolls over the country.
Due to a central government database, bureaucratic processes become much faster.
Church bells are dismantled and sold as scrap metal across Babylonia.
Immigrants change their names to domestically-accepted ones.
As salaries for investment consultants and stockbrokers are still horrendously high that results in public displeasure.
Bathtub distillers deliver a cheap and tax-free supply of strong alcoholic drinks on the black market.