Republic of


Quarter 197 - Summer 2039

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Sick Pay high Economy, Health 15.09.2021 21:21
Retirement Savings Plans high Economy, Rights 10.09.2021 15:03
Tax evaders NEW high Security, Budget 22.09.2021 02:09
Age of Consent normal Administration, Rights 19.09.2021 15:55
World Championship normal Economy, Media 19.09.2021 15:55
Income Limitations NEW normal Economy, Rights 22.09.2021 02:09
Board of Directors Secrecy low Economy, Rights 17.09.2021 15:14

Former decisions had the following consequences:

a mountainous statue of Hutch1997 watches over Tyrrell now
There is only a handful of online games of every category left and all in the hand of a single company.
The free educational hotline is continuously blocked by people who are too lazy to study by themselves.
Attack dogs may only walk outside with their muzzle.
Foreign enterprises get angry about punitive tariff duties against suspected trusts.
The same immigration laws are applied to former emigrants who want to return as to all other immigrants.
Noise makers are sent to prison savagely.
Some private hospitals are nationalized to provide better medical care for patients.
The state-operated, but not owned, railway system is inert and cumbersome due to the micro-management from government bureaucrats who've never ridden on a train in their lives.
hairdressers become arrested if they cut neighbour's hair for small coins