Galactic Empirered



What could be more appropriate to honor your reign than the construction of the grandest monument that mankind has ever created?


"Oh most venerable eminence! In all my loyality, please allow me to propose you something" says the local building contractor Lawrence Lickboot with a downcast look, gesticulating wildly. "What could be more delightful for your loyal citizens than looking at you? The steady presence of your noble figure emits so much power and wisdom, it will encourage even future generations to emulate your vigor and determination. Everyone knows that no simple statue could do justice to your greatness, so please excuse my foolishness, but if you want to be remembered for eternity, we should build nothing less than a monument made from pure gold, rising up to the sky. Let us build the biggest building of all time, the greates monument ever created, the eight wonder of the world: A golden statue of you, our beloved ruler, looking over Galactic Empire."

Warning: This project is available early on but very expensive. States with a weak economy can fail because of it.

Exclusions and requirements