Title Urgency Categories Assignment Done
Ivy League normal Economy, Education 17.11.2020 12:54 22.11.2020 09:42
Adult Education normal Economy, Education 19.11.2020 09:30 22.11.2020 09:40
Emissions Trading normal Economy, Environment 19.11.2020 09:32 22.11.2020 09:39
Orphans high Rights, Family 15.11.2020 06:18 22.11.2020 09:35
Alimony high Rights, Family 13.11.2020 20:24 18.11.2020 08:47
Immigration high Rights, Abroad 13.11.2020 20:24 18.11.2020 08:42
Lobbyists normal Economy, Rights 13.11.2020 20:24 15.11.2020 06:18
Commuters normal Economy, Budget 15.11.2020 06:12 15.11.2020 06:16
Election Pledges high Administration, Rights 13.11.2020 20:24 15.11.2020 06:12
Mucria's independency high Rights, Abroad 13.11.2020 20:24 14.11.2020 09:01
Diatribe passive extremely high Rights, Abroad 13.11.2020 20:25 14.11.2020 08:58
Fire Destroys Parliament Building extremely high Security, Rights 13.11.2020 20:24 13.11.2020 20:25

Tasks which were sat out

Title Categories Sat out on
Noise Pollution Environment, Rights 19.11.2020 09:30
Autonomous Exclave Administration, Rights 19.11.2020 09:32
Citizens' Initiative Administration, Rights 17.11.2020 12:54
Privatization of Governmental Buildings Administration, Budget 22.11.2020 09:36

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Admission criteria for the public 'elite' universities are so strict that only the brightest minds are accepted.
Participation in adult education is financially rewarded.
Taxation on emissions increase research, but discourage new investments in the energy industry.
many families take care of orphans to improve their household budget
Day care use rises as spouses no longer quit their jobs for their family.
Immigration is limited to qualified workers.
Lobbyists legally manipulate congressmen.
Commuters prefer to live far outside cities and drive fuel-guzzling SUVs and trucks since all commuting expenses can be deducted from taxes.
Politicians continue to say whatever it takes to get elected, even if it's a blatant lie.
Haggis makes huge efforts to please its minorities and to settle a conflict within Micronia, but the latter one finally escalates to local open war