Socialist Republic


Quarter 124 - Summer 2021

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
State Visit high Rights, Abroad 16.12.2020 20:48
Discrimination high Health, Rights 23.12.2020 04:07
School Materials normal Education, Budget 21.12.2020 01:01
Patent Use normal Economy, Rights 12.12.2020 07:33
Compulsory Checkups normal Health, Family 23.12.2020 04:08
Militia normal Security, Administration 21.12.2020 01:00
Singles low Rights, Family 21.12.2020 01:00

Former decisions had the following consequences:

the Personal Rapid Transit significantly improves infrastructure
Human rights councils restrict free speech and cast fear over media outlets as many "trials" take place behind closed doors with dubiously appointed members.
The state subsidizes the research of dangerous substances.
Parking lots are transformed into impressive public parks.
Trading cards become one of the most important status symbols among children which causes many fights and disruptions in school.
Faelcia fights the explosion of population with an offer for sterilization at no cost for ages thirty and older.
Faelcia forcefully reappoints the old ruler in Persyana, an interference which makes other states quite nervous
Banks are forced to offer the same interest rate for loans to every customer.
Since the abolishment of all dress codes, some teens dance naked in the streets.
After a total ban on public assembly, Nazis, Communists, and groups of various political ideals rampage through Stonehawk.