Quarter 134 - Autumn 2023

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Fighter Jets high Security, Budget 02.03.2021 01:18
Tabloids high Education, Media 15.02.2021 15:58
Patent Use high Economy, Rights 15.02.2021 15:55
Trademark Rights normal Economy, Rights 26.02.2021 23:49
Hostages normal Rights, Abroad 26.02.2021 23:51
Internet Slang normal Education, Media 15.02.2021 15:59
Licence of parenthood low Education, Family 26.02.2021 23:50

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The state publishes a list of which substances may be consumed by the people and which may not.
Handicapped individuals enjoy a large amount of freedom from barriers.
Treasure hunters may keep their findings but only if there isn't enough historical value for research.
The state invests great sums of money in order to make transhumanist technology available for all citizens and not just a small elite.
A low basic pension replaces the unfunded retirement scheme.
Surplus crops become a major fuel source which enables Chickenia to break its dependency on oil-exporting states.
For fear of consequences some tax exiles donít permit citizens of Chickenia to enter any more.
Due to fear of imprisonment for exposing breasts, women's fashion turns sharply conservative and breast-feeding infants is considered taboo.
By abolishing monoculture farming, many notable landscapes and new ecosystems are created.
Former CEOs file complaints with international agencies after the nationalization of power companies.