Quarter 219 - Autumn 2044

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Freedom of Movement high Economy, Abroad 06.04.2021 15:35
Death Penalty high Security, Rights 10.04.2021 01:01
Tax evaders high Security, Budget 10.04.2021 01:00
Questionaire NEW high Economy, Rights 12.04.2021 00:38
A Day Without TV normal Education, Media 08.04.2021 00:29
State Funded Newspapers normal Rights, Media 11.04.2021 00:38
Competitive Sports NEW low Health, Abroad 12.04.2021 00:37

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Random event: a long lasting period of drought causes crop failure and rising food prices
Most commercial TV stations and many advertising agencies close down due to restricted airtime.
state ignores marriages of any type
Bathtub distillers deliver a cheap and tax-free supply of strong alcoholic drinks on the black market.
androids are slowly introduced into everyday life on rigorous conditions
Participation in adult education is financially rewarded.
The army mainly consists of strategic battle robots.
Prisoners have to work for every luxury they want.
Immense sums of foreign development aid end up in the hands of brutal dictators.
temporary work has become significantly more expensive since wage of contract workers has be adjusted