Democratic Republic


Quarter 234 - Autumn 2048

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
License to Kill extremely high Security, Abroad 25.02.2021 07:42
Insurances high Security, Economy 25.02.2021 07:42
Demand for Housing high Economy, Rights 22.02.2021 09:10
Malonite high Education, Rights 26.02.2021 05:44
Fair Trade high Economy, Abroad 22.02.2021 09:10
Family Liability normal Rights, Family 22.02.2021 09:10
Quotas normal Rights, Family 26.02.2021 05:45

Former decisions had the following consequences:

School books are available for free.
temporary employment is now state-aided
Record labels install their own filesharing networks with low fees for legal downloads.
Once a month, all representatives have to face up to a journalist of the public broadcasting service.
citizens can access extensive political information online for free, as well as contribute to politics
The newly mandated culture programs on TV drives people's will to read again.
Teachers are rarely absent, because there is a free lunch at school.
Educated and wealthy parents tend to have more children.
Handicapped individuals enjoy a large amount of freedom from barriers.
The satirist Johann Beamerwood is publicly reprimanded for insulting a foreign head of state by the government