Peoples Republic



Title Urgency Categories Assignment Done
Closing Time high Economy, Rights 09.07.2020 21:25 28.07.2020 03:26
Food imports high Economy, Health 13.07.2020 00:30 28.07.2020 03:24
Birth limitation extremely high Rights, Family 09.07.2020 21:24 24.07.2020 19:08
Militant animal rights groups high Environment, Rights 09.07.2020 21:24 20.07.2020 20:43
Trademark Rights normal Economy, Rights 13.07.2020 00:30 13.07.2020 00:30
Election Pledges normal Administration, Rights 09.07.2020 21:24 13.07.2020 00:30
Family Liability normal Rights, Family 09.07.2020 21:26 10.07.2020 01:01
Crisis on Tauris high Economy, Abroad 10.07.2020 00:59 10.07.2020 01:00
Marching of Nazis extremely high Security, Abroad 09.07.2020 21:25 10.07.2020 00:59
Calls for tenders normal Economy, Rights 09.07.2020 21:24 09.07.2020 21:26
Lobbyists low Economy, Rights 09.07.2020 21:24 09.07.2020 21:25
Fire Destroys Parliament Building extremely high Security, Rights 09.07.2020 21:24 09.07.2020 21:25

Tasks which were sat out

Title Categories Sat out on
Foreign Languages Economy, Education 28.07.2020 03:27
Broadcasting Licenses Rights, Media 13.07.2020 00:29
Commuters Economy, Budget 24.07.2020 19:12

Former decisions had the following consequences:

A universal business closing time is introduced on workdays.
Importers have to pay high customs for imported food.
Eran fights the explosion of population with an offer for sterilization at no cost for ages thirty and older.
Eran supports an animal welfare organisation that violates its own laws
Branded products cannot be distinguished from cheap copies since trademark rights have been abolished.
Politicians who lie to get elected go to jail for perjury.
The state pays the care-giving expenses for old people even if their children are rich.
Makreich doesn't take Eran's mediator role serious and keeps Tauris, resulting in sanctions by Eran and other countries
Civil war-like conditions erupt in Tehran with running gun battles throughout the streets day and night.
Public contracts always move into the hands of highly priced guild businesses