The Freeland Of


Quarter 31 - Winter 1998

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Boundary dispute extremely high Security, Abroad 07.08.2020 06:35
Incest extremely high Rights, Family 29.07.2020 05:11
Hostages high Rights, Abroad 05.08.2020 03:19
School Uniforms high Education, Rights 06.08.2020 05:31
Animal shelters high Administration, Rights 07.08.2020 06:33
Costs of tax advice normal Rights, Budget 01.08.2020 12:42
Trash low Administration, Environment 06.08.2020 05:33

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Random event: the hype about Sven the polar bear cub raises spirits of the population
Many crimes often remain unsolved because phone connections may no longer be checked.
Once a month, all representatives have to face up to a journalist of the public broadcasting service.
Motyro temporarily detains terror suspects from Makreich
Even family members of immigrants have to pay for the right to follow them.
The state prescribes annual wage increases to stimulate productivity.
Companies insure their public image is positive to avoid public calls for boycott.
trade partners from far time zones are happy that in the majority of cases a contact person is available
Fearing criminal prosecution, lobbyists and politicians now only meet on remote islands during "vacations."
After a total ban on public assembly, Nazis, Communists, and groups of various political ideals rampage through Taba.