Title Urgency Categories Assignment Done
Doping high Health, Rights 30.07.2020 16:38 07.08.2020 17:38
Investment Subsidy extremely high Economy, Budget 02.08.2020 13:21 07.08.2020 17:38
License to Kill extremely high Security, Abroad 02.08.2020 13:20 07.08.2020 17:37
Naturalization extremely high Rights, Abroad 27.07.2020 11:38 07.08.2020 17:37
The last shah extremely high Security, Abroad 02.08.2020 13:21 03.08.2020 15:13
Pets high Environment, Rights 29.07.2020 07:44 02.08.2020 13:21
World Championship high Economy, Media 27.07.2020 11:38 02.08.2020 13:21
Lobbyists high Economy, Rights 27.07.2020 11:38 02.08.2020 13:20
Tabloids high Education, Media 27.07.2020 11:38 01.08.2020 09:22
Euthanasia high Health, Rights 29.07.2020 07:45 30.07.2020 16:38
Product Piracy high Security, Economy 28.07.2020 07:21 30.07.2020 16:38
Election Pledges high Administration, Rights 27.07.2020 11:38 29.07.2020 07:45
Consolidation of Media extremely high Economy, Media 27.07.2020 11:38 29.07.2020 07:44
Boundary dispute extremely high Security, Abroad 28.07.2020 07:19 28.07.2020 07:21
Fire Destroys Parliament Building extremely high Security, Rights 27.07.2020 11:38 28.07.2020 07:19

Tasks which were sat out

Title Categories Sat out on
Free Speech on the Internet Rights, Media 05.08.2020 22:27

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The successes of athletes from InterCity are suspiciously eyed internationally.
Subsidies are often used to shut down old factories and to rebuild new ones in high unemployment areas.
Other countries are strongly pressured when harboring public enemies.
Random event: the felicitous Great Exhibition in BasicCity improves international reputation
Proof of language and cultural proficiency is required in order to obtain citizenship status.
InterCity stays out of the business of Persyana, citizens' and foreign reactions are neutral in total
Millions of pets are happy about their new companions due to strict ownership laws.
The candidacy for the next World Cup assures greater international prestige.
Lobbyists try to outdo each other with the most extravagant parties, gifts, and vacations for congressmen and appointees.
Many tabloid newspapers close down as counterstatements must have equal importance as headline articles.